Singapore National Barista Championship

SNBC 2010 that was held at Suntec Convention from the 25th-27th was by far, receiving the most awarness in its 4 year of history. Not only was there a huge crowd during the 3 days event, SNBC 2010 also had by far, the biggest participation in term of participating competitors.

In total of 23 Baristas representing big coffee chains and well known independently owned cafes took part and this year edition also had a new Champion. Keith Loh from Oriole was 1st, John Ting also from Oriole was 2nd and Suhaimie from CuppaChoice, 3rd. SNBC 2010 also introduced the first ever Pura National Latte Art competition, which was also won by the same trio in the same consecutive order.

Here, we can summarised that as the championship progress on each year, the level of difficulty and bar of competitiveness goes higher. Barista from all over are exposed to media coverage of overseas competition, internal competitions from individual company and participating in short coffee workshops/barista courses that are offered by external coffee companies in Singapore. This we believe not only enriches every individual Barista but also every paying coffee drinkers as when the skills get better, the end result are happy customers with a good cup of coffee.

We hope to have a better and bigger SNBC 2011 and for sure, preparation for 2011 has already started for some Barista that we know. Go Coffee Industry, Go!!!!

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