I haven't been on here in a really long time, for no reason at all except for time issues. I really started thinking hard and want to try to establish relationships and create some excellent networking. Reason being: I want to one day open my own shop and want to start building the skills now to make the process easier in the future.

Being in Milwaukee I am constantly in the shadow of Alterra Coffee Roasters and see the amazing things that they create and am constantly learning from them and watching them. I want something like that. I don't want to be that big, but I do want my own niche where I can have customers and people appreciate what they are purchasing and love the coffee industry. Where I am at, I will loose the job once I graduate and want to be able to further my coffee knowledge.

It is something that has become a passion of mine and it sucks that I am stuck in a campus shop where 90% of my employees just don't care enough about the coffee they are making, where it comes from, the process it took to roast the bean, the growers that put their lives into their farming, etc.

One of my co-workers and dear friend was able to venture to the WBC this past weekend. Unfortunately I was not able to join her because of lack of funds but it is something I dearly wanted to attend but I guess I can look forward to going to these events in the future, especially if I can keep a good relationship with the good people at Alterra and continue attending even their local events.

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