Moscow, ID has emptied out. The students who graduated last weekend have left, the students who were here for the semester have left too. The die hards who are staying for the summer have left for Sasquatch. A handful of locals have stopped in, left, and now the 'campers' who use One World as their second office are getting here. Josh is carrying the bar without my assistance. His last two hours on our payroll are coming to an end.
I started managing One World Cafe' in July of last year, and these past nine months have been a learning experience. Cliques were in place, work flows and processes already established, I was the new guy. Three employees are leaving, ending today, with Josh. Cliques are breaking, and now it is my time to step in and create changes where stagnation had existed.
The group of kids here are all friends, and enjoy working with each other, but miniature alliances sometimes get in the way of scheduling. The previous manager left me with a good handle on the business, and I learned much from his training, but I have learned more from myself trying to figure out how to get the results I want with the employees I have.
I have decided to move everyone on staff to Google Calendar, so I can schedule from afar, or from a table in the shop, hell, from my phone! I have decided that since most all my employees are students, they can create a schedule online when they are in class, send it to me and I can overlay and schedule around their classes to make things easier for everyone. The paper schedule hanging on the wall will reflect the online one, but I know by now that no schedule I create will ever stay how I leave it. I just decided to adapt to this flux, and make the online calendar the most permanent it has ever been.
This is my first blog post here, but, I thought I'd give you all a little glimpse into my Moscow ID happenings, and I hope you find me and my thoughts interesting.


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