I just got the line up for the USBC and I'm going second at 9:32 in the am. I'm actually really excited about my time because it's before anyone is really going to get there, I won't have a huge audience, and I can totally focus on channeling Tom Cruise from cocktail. Seriously though, I'm really amped, I was on the waiting list until yesterday and I have been practicing since regionals for this. If anyone can make it out at 9:30, of coarse if you aren't working, there will be a team Mon Ami cheering section consisting of my parents, it's pretty much the coolest place you could be. Not only will you be able to watch me, but my parents will tell you how I looked like a hairless chemo patient until I was four and don't I look wonderful now? Anyways, I will be cheering on the rest of you that compete so good luck to all out there!

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Comment by Mike McGinness on March 4, 2009 at 6:07pm
G'Luk! And of course have fun and am sure you'll make Vancouver proud. I'd love to be there but will be manning the cafe most of the day Friday. Really wanted to play hookie and be there for the whole USBC but finances said no gotta keep a tight reign on payroll right now...

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