I hosted my first coffee cupping today....

Tonight Courtney(Girl) and I were able to throw together a coffee cupping at Kozy, it was only a week ago we put out a sign up sheet and watched it fill up within a day and a half. To our surprise we had almost twenty very interested people show up and dive into a world that they all agreed that they knew nothing about. On the menu the Girl and I decided that we would try a PNG, a Sumatra, a Bolivian, and a Brazilian(we were hoping for some kind of African coffee, but our roaster didn't show up today like he said he would to drop off coffee or else we would have done and Ethiopian). Everyone was really excited and very willing to have some input on what they tasted(one guy told me that his Sumatra tasted like licking a kitten or something to that degree, and I assured him that he wasn't wrong, but that everyone just tastes differently different things) this was honestly the most involved I have seen people at a coffee cupping before, and for it being my first time to put one on I was really nervous... and to end the night I did a demo on how to use a french press using some Mexican roasted at the Ugly Mug and a demo on how to properly use a moka pot with some Costa Rican Tarrazu roasted locally from Beanstro... After the night was over, people stuck around and chatted about the coffees and what they tasted, we talked about local community, about music and all sorts of things, but it was almost unanimously agreed on that we should have another cupping in a month or two and that it was very good and engaging for the everyone there... I'm very happy to see that on the same day in history that we get a new president, that a community can come together and share some coffee and have some laughs. It is sincerely heart warming and it feels good to be a part of the coffee community introducing people to something so familiar yet so alien to every body on the planet...

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