How Your Cafe Can Enhance the Customer Experience

According to Forbes, 84% of companies that boost their efforts to improve customer experience see revenue increases. If you want to improve the experience of visiting your cafe, these are some helpful tips.

Make Waiting Easier

One of the most common complaints about cafes is wait times. Since mistakes and order influxes that increase wait times are inevitable, it helps to give guests a reason to enjoy the wait. For example, if you anticipate a delay, offer the guests a small snack or free coffee while they wait. To make hungry guests more satisfied even during short waits, you can also provide free Wi-Fi. If you discourage phone use in your venue, you can put erasable game boards and markers at each table to let people play hangman, tic-tac-toe or another game.

Be Responsive and Caring

The key to improving customer experience is finding out exactly what customers want. Provide comment cards with feedback loops at important intervals. For example, find out what they think when they enter, while they wait, while they eat and after they leave. Ask about the service, atmosphere, food quality, and everything else. Provide a blank space for them to leave specific suggestions. Use these cards to identify trends and make changes.

Also, take this level of care to online feedback. Respond to reviews. Thank positive reviewers, reach out to negative reviewers and offer solutions to anyone who voices concerns. Today, your online reputation partially depends on how you respond to positive and negative feedback.

Use Card Processing Consultants

With cashless and touchless payments growing in popularity, it is important to offer customers the convenience of card processing. However, you must also consider fees for credit card transactions. Fortunately, there are fee-eliminating solutions for smaller businesses today. There are plenty of other features that allow you to accept and process card payments without losing your hard-earned profits. Card processing consultants can provide you with affordable pricing structures, devices, and plenty of other resources.

Involve Your Customers

To build loyalty, find creative ways to engage your customers. Start by making social media posts that ask for their feedback or require action. For example, ask them to share a post and leave a comment to be entered into a random drawing for a 10% off coupon to use during their next visit.

You can also make customers feel important by involving them in decisions. For example, you can designate one day of the week for trying new recipes for food or drink specials. If you make several items and offer free samples for a two-hour period, you can ask guests to fill out vote cards to vote for their favorites. This helps you make sounder investments in menu choices and gives customers something to look forward to that they already like. Additionally, it keeps them interested in future events or promotions.

Depending on how your cafe is set up, your budget and other factors, you may find more unique ways to create loyal customers. The key is to continually monitor your competitors, identify their strengths and try to find ways to offer unique advantages that set you apart from the competition.

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