How to Make Fantastic Coffee at Home for Cheap

Coffee is a brew that people all over the world enjoy, and any number of businesses have grown up around making and serving it. However, you’ll sometimes pay a steep price for the convenience of grabbing a steaming cup of java from one of these places. This guide will offer you some tips on how to brew great tasting coffee at home without spending a lot on it.

Always Measure Your Grounds

The single-serve coffee grounds you can buy add to the value thanks to the convenience factor, but they are still expensive on your coffee budget. Even using pods can end up costing you twice as much as using traditional methods for brewing your coffee. When you’re brewing your coffee at home, measure the exact amount of grounds you need for the coffee you want. As a rule of thumb, a tablespoon of coffee grounds should work for every six ounces of water. You can use two tablespoons for 12 ounces if you like a strong cup.

Keep the Coffee Hot

If you’re wondering why this tip is here in a guide about making the perfect cup, it’s because reheating coffee that has gone cold changes its chemical structure. These changes can have a negative impact on the coffee’s overall taste. Storing your coffee in an insulated container and drinking it in less than an hour will keep it hot and prevent both waste and poor taste.

Store Your Beans Properly

If you’re grinding your own beans, it would be wasteful to store them in a way that decreases their quality or longevity. Some companies, like 11th Street Coffee, know that most coffee experts advise you to store your beans at room temperature. The fridge might seem like a tempting option, but it tends to invite humidity that can affect the taste of the beans. If you need to store your beans, but room temperature is not an option, you can try the freezer as long as the beans are sealed. Some glass canning jars might be the perfect storage container for your needs.

Try a Coffee Press

Coffee filters are not expensive, but their cost can add up over time if you make coffee every day or make several cups per day. If your goal is good, yet cheap coffee, consider investing in a coffee press. In addition, a press might improve the taste of your coffee by leaving bean oils in that filters would otherwise remove.

Fantastic coffee at home doesn’t have to involve expensive equipment or premium, rare beans. Some of these tips can help you make a cup of coffee that tastes great and doesn’t hurt your wallet.

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Comment by Yasar Pervaiz on August 12, 2018 at 7:03pm

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