2010 wasn't the best year economically speaking.  but, 2010 did present a possible opportunity for expansion.  that expansion might take place at the end of this month, january.  that expansion is mostly contingent on a financial investor to float some start-up funds in order to purchase another espresso machine, grinder, misc. this and misc. that.  incredible how that list of stuff you must have is so long!...its only a coffee shop, right?  not like we are trying to deck out a full fledged 5-star, sit down, 200 seat capacity avante garde restaurant, right?  waiting.  waiting.

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Comment by sage on January 6, 2011 at 9:07am

jay, thanks for your note.  i did look into leasing about a year ago.  the one company i spoke with turned out to be too pricey for my budget.  it was more like a rent-to-own plan, whereby an espresso machine would cost nearly twice as much by the time you completed the lease agreement and then bought it out.

am open to other lease companies if you, or anyone else, has had some good experience or knows of a good company.

as of this moment, we have an investor/friend we are talking with this afternoon.  there's a good chance she will write us a business loan, short term.  we often like working with private investors who are in it to make a decent profit for themselves while assisting small businesses like ourselves at the same time.



the coffee hound

Comment by Jay Caragay on January 6, 2011 at 7:40am
Are you investigating equipment lease options?

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