I know I can complain, its -7c down around Christchurch today with the wind chill factor put into the equation. Auckland, by comparrison, is a tropical 9c in the plus. As I look out the window, the water from the fountain is still flowing- which is a good sign. Its a long way away from Jakarta's 32c days- 365 days a year... but really the change is kind of refreshing.

We are still waiting for our greens to clear MAF's very tight border controls. With the Kiwi economy beng based on lamb, apples, kiwifruit and other agricultural products, it is perhaps prudent to look at anything and everything coming into port. Our beans have been fumigated at origin- being 100% organic this would be a must for NZ or Australia anyway.

While waiting we have been busy painting and interviewing, nterviewing and painting. in between been talking with the NZCRA (NZ Coffee Roasters Assoc) and trying a wide range of espresso blends that are being roasted in Auckland and around the country. There are some impressive coffees out there- which is excellent in helping pull the standards in the right direction. On the down side- customer service standards in NZ generally suck the big Kumara. 11 years ago when I left these shores I was highly impressed with how NZ CS stood up against service standards around the world. Today they would rank right at the very bottom vs ASEAN countries (+ Australia). Hopefully this has something to do with the fact that the country is (or was up until recently) almost fully employed. Things may be changing- which would be a huge bonus for the service and hospitality sectors

Hoping the coffee comes through tomorrow- the roaster is ready and waiting...

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Comment by Alun Evans on May 20, 2009 at 10:08pm
Nice call from the forwarder...as the sun slowly sinks into the west MAF has given the green a clean bill of health...they will be delivered early tomorrow AM

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