Flavio Urizzi- Wishing him well for a full recovery

Over the weekend I heard that CMA (Astoria/San Marino/Argenta) Sales Manager Flavio Urizzi suffered chest pains while he was in Ireland as a sponsor/judge for the Irish barista championships. He had to undergo some surgical treatment but is now resting comfortably and will fly back to Italy today or tomorrow. Flavio has always been a great ambassador for coffee and of course for Italian Espresso machines. I was looking forward to seeing him at the FHA in Singapore, although he now wont be there our thoughts are with him. Hoping now he can rest and recover and get back to doing what he loves as soon as possible. All the best Flavio- get well soon!

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Comment by Ali Hojeij on July 27, 2010 at 2:46am
Well Flavio is a good friend of mine and i do wish him all the best in life. i did not know about this and it made me worried a lot. Flavio, i wish you all the best my dear friend

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