When it comes to opening a new coffee shop, one of the more exciting elements (after funds are secured and everything is settled) is the actual design of the shop. Finding the right style to fit in with your aspirations and create the right ‘vibe’ is extremely important. 

As such, there are a number of ways that you can decorate a coffee shop to match current contemporary tastes. These styles include ideas like: 


Italy is the birthplace of coffee, so it’s not surprising that you might want to make your shop a homage to this sacred land. And, remember, if this is what you choose to do the decor alone isn’t important. You must produce a high-quality espresso as well. Otherwise, can you really call yourself an Italian coffee shop? Probably not. 

If you want an authentic coffee shop, then Italia is the only country for you to aspire to. 


Of course, you may also want to keep things simple. In which case you may be considering using the style of minimalism, which, at its core, is simplicity itself. All you need is good lighting, comfortable furniture, a few good art pieces and your minimalist look is complete. 

Everything has its place, nothing is without purpose; the core tenet of minimalism. 


Other than Italy, if we think about good coffee then the next place that pops into mind is a little place called Paris. This style benefits from beautiful awnings, a sunny outside seating area and high-quality pastries to munch alongside a cup of coffee. Eclectic art and dim lighting inside are the best way to complete this aesthetic. 


The Industrial Revolution was a time of innovation and change, so emulating the style that takes its name from what the period birthed can be fitting for your new shop. This means lots of bare metal, designer bar stools, concrete walls and countertops, with sharp lighting. It’s easy to make this kind of setting, but harder to make it feel comfortable. So, remember to add some creature comforts like cushions, etc. 


Rustic styling choices are very in Vogue right now and it can attract city slickers wanting to escape to the country in droves. It starts with exposed wood, old-style lighting (think bare Edison bulbs) and stripped back metal furniture, similar to the industrial style but not quite. 

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