I thank you all for your comments on my $.25 a cup issue. If I am ever near where ya'll have invited me, trust me, I'll be there. We need an emblem of some sort to signify who is on the Barista Exchange. A big BE on the door, A small BE somewhere in the store... Something to signify who we are. Let's think about it. Bigger things have started with much less reason. Ask Bill Gates. LOL

Yes I understand the economy is going here and there and prices always go up.

But, It gets me when I walk into a 7-11 or quicky mart or wherever, and I have to ask someone to point out the "normal" coffee.

My best ones are the texaco, that is $.50, your cup daily and "free on friday". Also the 7-11 that is free on mondays.

I ain't a cheapo. I just like a good cup of "normal" coffee at a decent price. I don't mind at all paying for it. I just do not want to pay for all them other blended things they are selling. If it's been setting in the pot for half a day, it's got character...

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