Coffee 101: 3 Essentials to Not Forget When Opening a Cafe

The world runs on coffee. Regardless of your country or culture, coffee plays a major role in your daily life. If you’ve decided to capitalize on this flourishing market by opening a café, here are three essential items you cannot forget.

Commercial Refrigeration

Regardless of the types of coffee your café will offer, whether it be lattes or drip coffee, one staple product you must keep in stock at all times in your café is milk and/or coffee creamer. People just love having milk and creamer in their coffees. If you plan on providing delicious and satisfying beverage service to your customers, you’ll need a large quantity of dairy creamer.

To adhere to state regulations regarding the proper storage of perishable products like dairy, it is vital that you invest in a commercial refrigeration unit from a place like Golden State Commercial Equipment Repair. Not only will the unit keep your milk and creamer products at regulatory temperatures, it’ll also prolong the life of any baked goods or pastries that you may decide to offer in addition to coffee.

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine is figuratively the heart and soul of any café. It is a large and expensive machine but will serve you and your customers well by providing high-quality espresso for all of their favorite coffee beverages. A high-quality espresso machine is required to make all fundamental coffee shop drinks such as americanos, lattés, iced coffees, flat whites, café mochas, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and frappuccinos just to name a few.

Do keep in mind that there are two main types of espresso machines. One type is designed to be used at home for personal use. It is powerful enough to service a single person or a family of people, but won’t be able to handle the order load of a busy café. You’ll want to invest in a commercial espresso machine to properly handle the number of customers you’ll be serving on a daily basis.

Refrigerated Bakery Display Case

Once your café opens and you begin to build a reputation, you’re going to want to expand your selection by adding in bakery items, pastries, sandwiches, and cookies. In order to properly store and display these items, you’re going to need a refrigerated bakery display case. It offers you the benefit of displaying the treats and pastries you have to offer while keeping them at a safely regulated temperature to prevent bacterial growth.

With any luck, your café will grow into a profitable and reputable business with a crowd of customers on a daily basis. When this happens, don’t forget to expand your available seating to make your coffee shop more inviting and accessible to a wider range of customers.

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