Cesar Noe Castro Cacao visits El Salvador and trains Salvadoran Baristas for New Coffee Shop Opening in September 09

¡Noe Castro Cacao visits El Salvador, Central America!

Noe Castro Cacao, International Barista professional, with more than 8 years experience, came to El Salvador and trained Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V.'s personnel.

La Libertad, El Salvador, Central America, Friday 31st of July 2009 – Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V. is preparing to open the doors of its new Coffee Shop in El Salvador, Central America. “ We’ve put a lot of effort into this project and have decided to open in September 09. We’ve been training almost 8 to 10 hours daily for 4 months now. Our main objective is to serve our clients the best cup of coffee they’ve ever tasted, without having to rely on only one Barista serving it,” confirmed Mr. Jonathan Rodríguez, President of Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V.

Noe Castro Cacao, prestigious Barista, with more than eight years experience, known worldwide for his numerous jobs and almost 5 years experience in national and international competitions, was invited over by Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V. to El Salvador, Central America. During the week of July 27th 09, for four exhausting and consecutive days, Noe trained the Baristas for opening day. “We had the honor of meeting Noe on a business trip in his natal country, and for the first time we are pleased to have him visit El Salvador,” says Mr. Rodríguez.

“Barista Coach” nicknamed by Zegsa’s personnel won the 2006 Barista Championship of Guatemala and had the amazing experience of representing his country for the World Barista Championship held that same year in Tokyo, Japan. He had to compete with almost 45 Baristas from different nations! In 2007, during national competition, he won the title for “Best Espresso”.

During the intense Barista training of four days, Noe shared all of his experiences, motivations and knowledge, of more than 8 years fully into and passionate about this industry. “Noe is an authentic professional, we wanted to discover our potential and it was him who woke it up out of each and every one of us, we are glad he could join us and are thankful for everything he’s done.”

What motivated Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V. to invite Noe to El Salvador was the need to reach their main objective. “ With Noe’s help, we reached our goal!” said Mr. Rodríguez.

The name of the new coffee Shop is a surprice to be revealed later and over the Internet in Facebook or Barista Exchange. However, Mr. Rodriguez did tell us, it would be located on the secondfloor of Centro Comercial Plaza Merliot, (Plaza Merliot Mall) at La Libertad, El Salvador.

Mr. Rodriguez did not forget to mention, “It has taken us more than 8 months of trainings, searching for the right information, being patient and preparing the right way to reach the level we are at right now, we're making sure to be different. We will always support El Salvador’s Coffee and its going to be our only ingredient, for any coffee beverage our Baristas prepare our clients.”

To be one of the first to find out the latest Coffee News, publications and be able to meet the Salvadoran Baristas who will work in Zegsa’s New Coffee Shop, or if you want to know more about what happened during training with Noe Castro, look for them in Facebook or Barista Exchange as Barista-Pro and add them as friends.

Zegsa Inversiones S.A. de C.V., formally invites everyone to await our news of the upcoming events for opening day; 100% made in El Salvador.

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