Your New Mission:

It seems like yesterday that the American barista stepped out from that ocean of green aprons to prepare and declare themselves true professionals in the art of coffee education and preparation.

Now owners of independent retail specilaty coffee businesses desperately need you marketing associates to help them, and you, survive and thrive.

Taste EVERYTHING your coffee house sells your precious customers. Pick a favorite. If it doesn't taste great, immediately tell your owner, until it meets the same high standards your set for your coffee.

Once you are as proud of ALL the beverages and food your place serves, your new mission begins:
Every time an order is placed, inspire-not require- that added on sell by mentioning your favorite breakfast, lunch, pastry, gelato or any other item that compliments the time of day and order.

Lon LaFlamme

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Comment by Jesse Bladyka on October 26, 2009 at 10:28am
This is great. I tell every barista working for me that in order to sell something you have to love and believe in it. Then I challenge them to find one of their products that they love and sell it, no one loves an disingenuous upsell, but if we can connect to the customer and sell them something that we love, they will love it, feel respected and feel good about spending their money at a local business that employs people who care about where they work and what they serve.

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