I have wanted to start a coffee blog for about three years now.  The problem is that every time I've started down this trail, I'd start second-guessing my motives and experience.  It feels like, while I do really enjoy coffee, there are so many people out there who "get it" and who "know more about it" than I do.  A great example of this being my coffee-mentor Marcus.  He has traveled to coffee farms, roasted coffee in all manner of machines, and can observe and taste coffee in a way that simultaneously makes me admire and despise him.  He even has a sweet beard that gives off the "I don't trim my beard because I've been too busy driving my Volvo into the jungles of Costa Rica" vibe.  I think, to be a true barista, one needs to have a sizable amount of facial hair.  I may be off-base on that point but most of the baristas I've met have had them and, while I don't want to get into the debate of whether the chicken or egg came first, I do know that great baristas tend to have beards.  That's all I'm saying, and having said that I should point out that I do not own either a Volvo (anymore) or an unkempt beard and for these reasons have felt grossly unprepared to start a coffee blog.

I'm just an average-looking white guy who loves the art of coffee.  I am not a guy that you would pick out of a crowd as somebody qualified to discuss the finer aspects of ristretto shots.  I am just a person that loves learning  and this blog is a place for the person that goes to their local coffee shop, orders a grande, and doesn't understand why the barista gives them the "hate stare."

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Comment by Jason Haeger on October 27, 2011 at 8:32am
I can think of more legitimate professionals who do NOT have beards than who do.  Just because they don't work behind an espresso machine all day doesn't mean that they aren't professionals.  Facial hair is just facial hair.  There's no superstition behind it.

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