Now that I have your attention! We see many projects where the specifications are vague and the drawings show little to no details for how to build a Barista Bar. I'll come back and update this in more detail and we will fully disclose our construction. It has taken me 7 years as MillRock CEO to evolve the MILLROCK Barista Construction to something we are proud will exceed all expectations for performance.

Stainless steel is already recycled and at the end of our days the bar will be recycled once again.

All too often we see the undercounter refrigerator supporting a collapsed bartop...or the UCR worse yet, is the Bar top!

We see operators with the espresso machine at eye level straining to apply any force to the tamp on their toes.

We see bars where the espresso machine has NO room in-front of it for a pitcher to be slammed.

Broken granite...stained corian cracking...plastic laminate chipped and peeling...The list goes on.

I promise I will come back and really make this a worth while blog post with relevant photos of our construction and what drives us to support your cafe, literally.

hmmm maybe our first Barista Mag ad campaign will be "Naked Barista" with a shot of you, on your Millrock bar, in your Cafe, NAKED! & Sara can do the Black Bar censoring...I think this crowd might be up for it!

Seriously, We need to communicate our construction and we want you to be successful; whether we build your cafe or shop your cafe.

Our Engineers will answer any construction questions...our Cafe Designers will answer any space planning questions & I'm still looking for a great double espresso 02379!

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Comment by Bridget M Wood on October 30, 2010 at 9:11pm
Hey! I thought you were going in the direction of stealing my name! LOL... and no.. my stand has no naked baristas... but it grabs attention alright!

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