5 Ways You Can Make Your Coffee Shop More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly is a big trend at the moment as more and more small local businesses look to do their bit for the environment and be more attractive to their customers. You might think that being in the hospitality sector doesn’t give a great space for your business to be eco-friendly, but surprisingly, here are 5 ways you can make your coffee business more eco-friendly if you own one yourself.

  1. 100% Recyclable Coffee Cups

Considering the number of coffee cups that you probably go through for your customers, making your cups 100% recyclable will make a huge difference in your contribution to the environment. White paper cups are already heavily associated with coffee shops but not many know that they aren’t 100% recyclable. This is because the traditional cup comes with a polythene coating that helps them to sustain liquid but prevents them from being recycled.

  1. Energy Efficient Espresso Machines

Espresso machines are a must in any coffee shop, but they also take up a lot of energy. This is why energy efficient espresso machines can make a great difference to saving energy in your business. There are plenty of machines available that have their own features to save energy so ensure you do your research before investing in one. 

  1. Buy produce locally

One of the biggest contributors to global-warming are transportation vehicles. In particular, large service trucks that have to transfer products from one destination to another. Businesses that source locally save fuel massively when they need it delivered to their shop. You can also benefit from having deliveries arrive in large quantities rather than coming every so often. This saves several trips being made to deliver produce.

  1. Fair trading

Mass production markets tend to constantly get criticised for the way they trade and harm the environment. This is why fair trading was introduced to help the farmers gain a fair market price. In a wider context, using fair trading for your produce means the farmers get a better working environment and grow their living wage without it being at risk from mass production trading.

  1. Offering tap water

This may perhaps come across as a minor detail but offering tap water to your customers can make a massive difference. It prevents them from purchasing bottled water instead and decreases unnecessary plastic consumption. It also means customers can have the option of free water rather than purchasing, which can always be a nice gesture for them.

These are specific issues related to your coffee shop that can make a big difference for the environment, but there are also more generic options to you that are also available. For example, switching to green energy suppliers, turning off lights when they’re not being used and installing large windows in your coffee shop to illuminate spaces. As a coffee shop owner, there are ways that you can serve the best possible coffee without the energy expense. Keeping with the points made in this guide are sure to keep you green whilst keeping your customers happy.

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