5 Types of Contractors You Want to Have by Your Side When Opening Your Cafe

The opening of your new café will be filled with smiling faces, the smell of coffee, and possible malfunctions that will occur at the absolute worst time. Take a proactive step towards fixing these potential disasters by keeping the information of these five types of contractors by your side.

Commercial Electrician

During the course of your business, an unexpected electrical emergency can occur which will interrupt the flow of electricity in your café and make you unable to conduct important coffee-brewing business for your customers. You should keep a commercial electrician’s contact information nearby in case such an emergency occurs so that repairs can be made quickly and business can continue as usual.


Businesses are too often plagued with clogged toilets, sinks that aren’t draining properly, and flooded floors. Not only are these issues unsightly, they’re also unsanitary. If a plumbing emergency should happen, make sure to keep the number of a licensed plumber in your phone. This will keep your toilets, and your stream of customers, flowing properly.


There is a myriad of accidents that can happen to ruin the walls of your café. A customer might spill their drink on your wall or a customer could scratch your wall and remove some of the paint. Whatever the accident may be, always keep the name and number of a professional painting contractor in your office for emergency touch-ups and fixes.

Hvac Repair

Regardless of where your café is located, you’re going to experience some type of extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s a heat wave or a blizzard, you’ll want to make sure that your HVAC system is in optimal working order for your customers’ comfort. If your heater isn’t heating your café properly or the air conditioner is blowing warm air, you’ll want to have an HVAC repair specialist on-call to fix the problem immediately.

Window & Door Repair Specialist

To provide customers with a beautiful scenic view while they enjoy their coffee, glass windows and doors are a very popular addition to many cafés. Unfortunately, glass doors and windows are susceptible to damages from vandalism, random accidents, and even harsh weather. Keeping the information of a window & door repair specialist handy will hasten the replacement or repair of your damaged window or door.

A great way to organize the information for these contractors is to create a list in a word processing program and print it out to hang on your office wall or keep in your office binder.

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