4 Pairings for Coffee and Tea that You’ve Gotta Try

Coffee and tea are some of the most enjoyed beverages around the world. Sips of these renowned, warm beverages can give drinkers energy and peace of mind. You can also combine these with different foods to make for an even more enjoyable experience. There’s so much to try beyond coffee and donuts. Here are four pairings for coffee and tea that you’ve gotta try.

Organic Bread

A nice piece of toast with an appetizing spread can go great with coffee and tea. Be sure to use organic bread that’s rich in nutrients. Then, find a nice marmalade or cream cheese to use. As you take a bite of the toast and a sip of the drink, you can appreciate how they work with one another. This can be a perfect snack during any time of day.


A moist and satisfying cake can really bring out the flavor of your coffee or tea. You might consider something with a cooler temperature like cheesecake to contrast the heat of the beverages. You might also pair a rich coffee with a slice of coffee cake. If you’re at a coffee shop, see what sort of cakes or other pastries they have. Ask for their recommendations about what goes best with what.


Coffee is a breakfast staple for many people. Therefore, you should find a way to pair it with what you eat for breakfast. Oatmeal is tremendously healthy and can go great with coffee. You can add things like dried fruit, syrup, and cinnamon. These can really bring out the flavor of the coffee. If you like black coffee, you can offset the bitter taste with the sweetness of your oatmeal.


You can really appreciate the refreshing properties of tea with a great salad. A salad of greens and fruits can go well with green tea. Plus, you can cool your mouth off well with it. Make sure that you balance your salad well. There should be all kinds of things in it, from greens to tomatoes, nuts, and a flavorful dressing or vinaigrette. Make sure that any dressing you use goes well the tea you’ve chosen.

We hope this has given you a great idea of what to pair with your coffee and tea. You want to make this an immensely satisfying experience. By using these pairings, you can expand your palate and make for the best tea and coffee drinking experience possible.

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