4 Maintenance Points to Keep in Mind When Running a Cafe or Coffee Shop

If you’re considering running a cafe or coffee shop, or just wondering how to make your existing operation even better, there are a number of maintenance tasks you should keep in mind to ensure everything runs well. Benefit your business with basic maintenance.

Exhaust and Appliance Cleaning

Among the more forgettable tasks to consider when running a cafe or coffee shop is the need to clean your larger appliances and exhaust system. Dirt, dust, and grime can sneakily build up slowly over time, and with each come undesirable consequences. For instance, a buildup of dust in an exhaust fan could potentially render the system unusable. When it comes to aesthetics, there’s nothing quite so unappetizing to a customer as a film of yellow, sticky oil residue covering every inch of the oven, or an inch-deep layer of dust on top of the bean grinder.


In cafes and restaurants alike, there is just about nothing worse than having to deal with a flooding bathroom or a backed up kitchen sink in the middle of a rush. Efficient and well-maintained plumbing is widely recognized as a highly important component of restaurant upkeep. In fact, New York City’s department of health lists proper plumbing as one of the keys to receiving an “A” grade in its pamphlet titled “What to Expect When You Are Inspected.”

Replacing an Old Hot Water Heater

When running a coffee shop, ditch the clunky, inefficient water heater from 1983. Without question, you’re going to need a constant, reliable source of hot water for your business. By purchasing a more recent and efficient model of hot water heater from a plumbing repair company, you’ll have the production levels you need without having to worry about the unit dying in the middle of brunch service.

Outdoor Maintenance

Make your establishment welcoming. Think about what your business looks like from the outside, and try to consider whether you would consider visiting if you were the customer. Basic landscaping and enticing signage can each help to promote an accessible atmosphere. Also, keeping items like benches, trash cans, and tables clear from the doors of the building help make the entrance convenient and accessible.

The above list is certainly is not exhaustive. When considering what maintenance to perform at your cafe or coffee shop, be creative and do your best to include tasks to benefit both the consumer and the efficiency of your business.

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Comment by Rachelle Wilber on December 18, 2017 at 7:23am

It's so true though.  Running a successful cafe means DAILY maintenance and regular deep cleaning.

Comment by Fraser Jamieson on December 15, 2017 at 3:06pm

Plugged grease traps and vent hood fires can shut a place down for a long time; sometimes days, sometimes months.

Maintenance is not something to be glanced over. 

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