The combination of coffee and donuts is one of the most classic food pairings in history. But not all coffee and donut matchups are created equal. Check out the list below for some of the yummiest pairings for breakfast on the go.


1. Cronut and Pour-Over

Bring out your inner hipster with two very big food trends: the "cronut," a cross between a croissant and a donut, and pour-over coffee. Cronuts have light, flaky layers like a croissant, but are sugary sweet and are often topped with glaze, frosting, or fruit like a donut. The best coffee to pair with this delicious treat is a single-origin, fair-trade dark roast coffee. It stays true to the hipster vibe, plus the bitterness will cut some of the cronut's sweetness. Just try not to eat your entire cronut before the coffee's done!


2. Apple Fritter and Americano

What better way to feel all-American than with the combination of apples and "American style" espresso? In case you didn't know, the Caffè Americano originated in World War II, when American soldiers in Italy were longing for the drip coffee of home. They added water to espresso and had the next best thing. Add an apple fritter, the coffee house's answer to a slice of good old apple pie, and you have the most American breakfast imaginable.


3. Glazed Donut and Shot of Espresso

Everyone loves a plain glazed donut. The fluffy dough, the sticky sweet outside, the way the glaze melts when the donut is fresh and hot... yum! For a lot of us, though, it can cause a sugar rush. Pair your glazed donut with a shot of hot, bitter espresso; the coffee's bitterness will cut through and meld with the sweetness for a delicious aftertaste.


4. Jelly Donut and Cappuccino

A fluffy, slightly sweet donut deserves to be paired with a fluffy, slightly sweet coffee drink. Both items feel decadent but not to the point where you feel bad about it. Any sugar left on your lips will coat the rim of your coffee cup and add an extra touch of sweetness whenever you take a sip, adding that little something that can be missing from cappuccino. Unlike coffee with cream, a cappuccino's frothy milk won't sit heavy in your stomach and a jelly donut is a little lighter than, say, a Boston Creme. This is the perfect pairing when you want just a little indulgence.


Visit a coffee shop like 11th Street Coffee today with these fresh suggestions in mind. These are just some of the delicious donut and coffee combos. Keep trying different coffees with different pastries until you find your ideal pairing!

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