4 easy ways to improve your office coffee

With all the options that can be taken to improve standard office coffee, it is certainly foolish to settle for overall bad quality. A cup or two of the hot beverage is said to improve productivity at work and raise focus levels in order to get more tasks done in the least amount of time. Unfortunately, most employees have complaints about their office coffee; usually, it is either too weak or too strong. If you are sick and tired of sludge that tastes more like concrete than a tiny bit of paradise, then here are some helpful tips to help you easily improve its quality.

1. Invest in quality beans and a grinder

Even though it may be slightly more expensive than the regular store bought coffee, getting your hands on quality whole beans can truly be a game changer. This is due to the fact that the beans roasted in your own city are fresher and more flavorful than those of commercial brands. Most importantly, run far away from the cheap stuff that comes in a basic vacuum-sealed container. If you are unsure how you can afford quality roasted beans, then try consulting with your buddies from work and convince everyone to contribute a bit or maybe manage the finances out of the office funds. Also, the way you prepare the beverage makes a lot of difference in the taste and overall quality of the end result. For example, common mistake coffee enthusiasts make when preparing a cup of Joe is to go overboard. In fact, by adding more than a tablespoon of coffee per cup can alter the taste for the worse and make the beverage taste bitter or just too strong. So, remember to keep things in balance and do not go ham with the star ingredient. On the flip side, less than a tablespoon can make the drink taste too watery. The bottom line is, practice makes perfect!

2. Always keep it fresh

Another common mistake people make in the office space is that they are usually not careful and easily over brew the coffee. By over brewing, the drink can quickly turn from heavenly to horrible, in a matter of minutes. In addition, by leaving the drink on the hot plate, or forgetting about it (and letting it cool down), will also result in a horrible bitter aftertaste. To avoid this pitfall, it is recommended that the coffee is always prepared fresh and served hot. A helpful tip is to bring your own thermos and store the daily coffee in it, rather than leaving it unattended on the hot plate. Employees who simply cannot deal with bitterness in general, and who want to indulge in a few extra calories can easily bring their own milk or creamer from home and make the drink even more delicious. Are you vegan? In this case, simply choose a dairy-free alternative such as coconut cream, which tastes divine, mixed in with a cup of Java.

3. Clean the coffee maker

Many people do not realize how filthy and disgusting a coffee maker can become after being repeatedly used without a good cleaning once in a while. As a matter of fact, have you ever wondered how moldy a coffee machine can be if everyone around is preparing coffee, but no one volunteers to clean it thoroughly? Coffee makers, like any other devices that are considered a Holy Grail in the office space, need to be emptied and scrubbed from time to time to avoid dirt and muck to accumulate. Luckily, it is unnecessary to run to the store and splurge on all kinds of cleaning products when the mess can easily vanish with the help of water and common vinegar. Espresso lovers who do not want to deal with an aging coffee maker can easily opt for a high-quality espresso machine by BluePod Office Coffee Machines. The best part is that fancy barista skills are absolutely unnecessary due to the fact that anyone can create the perfect cup of coffee in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the option of choosing between four preset built-in coffees, even latte and cappuccino lovers will have something to be excited about.

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures

Lastly, if you truly do not care what others think about you, then you can always choose to brew your own coffee at home and bring it with you to work. Alternatively, a French press on your desk can be a true lifesaver! The reason why so many people pick this device to make freshly brewed coffee is due to the fact that it is certain that the coffee oils will not end up mostly in the machine’s filter. So naturally, more oils contribute to a richer tasting beverage. Also, by resorting to such a measure, you do not have to deal with your coworkers messing up your drink, because with the help of a French press, you are totally in control.

To round things up, no one needs to endure a lousy office-coffee experience, when there are different easy ways to get the most out of your drink. By making tweaks here and there, anyone in the office is able to enjoy a cup of paradise.

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