Late December in 2007 you see. To be exact it twas New year's Eve!

So.. here's the skinny on the sitcheation...BAM!

There I was at the New Year's party at a few of my buddies' house. The home of Murph Cat, Kyle G., Wolfgang Von Govang, and Steak Moose (AKA Shades) to be exact. Though I must point out that Steak was moreso being his humane self (Jake Roose) for the most part, I just used the name of Steak due to the fact this is who he becomes as more alcoholic beverages pour down into his tummy turning his liver to mish-mash. But this is neither here nor there. The main point of this blogging episode is to tell of the amazing, unforgettable, and (some other neat-o word of description I could use to further reiterate my feeling on the night) night.

There I be, just Steak and me, sitting outside pondering the intense philisophical questions of the Universe such as 'does God were socks?' and answering some of equal intensity such as 'why it is the Eather is truly flat?' (I shun all you non-believers), when suddenly bursting out onto the porch was Lindsey B, a cousin of mine who use to date Steak but is now hanging out with mine and Steak's shared Hetero life-mate Fat Mike. She looked at us in urgent desperation. She had been trying to leave but Mike did not want her to and as he chased her down there was an accident...........

As for right now I do not feel like writing anymore.. I hope I've kept you captivated up to this point but my hands are beginning to go numb from the typing and I'd also like to go get myself a drink and/or so some other things. Be sure to check back.. My horrible writing skills await you!

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