Excited to say I spent the last two days on the "sales side" of the espresso bar at this show. (Only a total of an hour this time making drinks) I always find it amazing to get feedback from the good folks we see once a year. They are the familiar faces of the food and beverage industry that are patient enough to wait among potential customers and coffee fans for a short latte or cap. We surely shine at this show, which is such a great compliment to all the other fabulous vendors providing the exchange of conversation, support and leads. (listen to me, I'm in sales).

This week prior to the show I spent some time pulling shots with one of my favorite barista owners Sebastian Simch at Seattle Coffee Works. He is one of the most beautiful coffee people I have had the privilege of meeting in the past few years. We sampled one of his latest creations. The name is escaping me at this early hour but the taste is so memorable. Sebastian has captured lemons, grapefruit, apples, earthy vanilla's and bitters in this SCW recipe. Unbelievable experience, really!

I better turn in. I will keep this blog posted for a few beverages I am playing around with...anybody know where I can get some liquid nitrogen?

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