At the minute, my cogs are turning at a ferocious speed. And whilst it's normally concentrating on the coffee, at the minute, it's concentrating with what I put in the coffee, both to create new, and inventive drinks at work, but also to start developing a signature drink for when I try and compete.

One drink, we poured at work yesterday was a bizarre one. We tried it with a couple of different soda's, but the completed drink consisted of filling an 8oz tumbler with ice. Half filling the glass with an aeropress of a brazilian/guatemalan blend, and topping it up with lemonade... and as I said, it was bizarre, but quite pleasant. We also tried this with gingerbeer, but it was less exciting.

We have also been trying chili drinks a lot recently. We did it by grinding dried chili's using a hand coffee grinder, and boiled it with brown sugar to create a thick spicy syrup, we then steamed the milk with this in, and poured it into a 6oz or so cup, with chocolate abyss mocha sauce, and espresso. it was very nice, and very warming. And after drinking many of them, me and the guy tasting them woke up with a numb left arm..... a touch concerning.

Another drink that we are selling now is going very well. We call it the Espresso Libre, and it consists of muddling half a lime in a boston shaker, adding a cup of ice, half a bottle of Fentimans Cola, and adding a single espresso, and then straining it into a glass. It's fantastic, a lovely taste, very refreshing... and if you accidentally pour it with dandelion and burdock instead of cola, it smells exactly like Hoi Sin sauce, and tastes the same to.

finally, here is a growing list of flavours I mean to continue playing with.

100% venezualan black cacao
Coconut Milk
Black or pink peppercorns
maybe some kind of aniseed flavour, fennel, liquorice root, aniseed, or something of the sort.

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Comment by graeme finegan on April 8, 2008 at 9:47am
in the irish regional heats i used a shot of espresso, carbonated water shaken with grated ginger and garnished with basil!!! the judges seemed to like it, it was the onl cold drink t the competition, lost points because i touched the basil thou-idiot!!!!
Comment by Matt Milletto on April 4, 2008 at 11:36am
I have always wanted to experiment with coconut, kaffir lime and peanut sauce in a sig drink. possible work with a single origin panama, esmeralda perhaps ...

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