Virgin Post... Like making your First piece of Latte Art.

First entry in to the Blog. Actually first entry in to a blog ever. Im not much of a Internet nerd but due to this Coffee Version of Myspace. I think I will spend more time at a computer with a cup of coffee in hand. I am currently drinking Borogrove Ethiopian Yirg and am loving it. I brew all of my coffee in a DeLonghi Moka Pot and grind fresh in a 16 setting grinder. I think this is as close as I can get to having the best quality cup of coffee with the least priced equipment possible. I would love to look in to getting an Espresso Machine soon but those are a little spendy. And I would have to find more space in my condo to put my kitchen sink. Cause who needs that when you have an Espresso Machine.

My passion for coffee grows each 8 hour day working for Farmer Brothers. Not cause they have good coffe or anything. But because I look forward to getting back to the kind of Coffee I was drinking at New Harmony Cafe in Clearwater Florida. At New Harmony we featured our own Batch Roasted coffee by Joe Davis. And we also sold it wholesale to cafe's and resturants around the Southern portion of the country.

We had the opp to cup up some of the best coffees in the world and had the chance to put them on our shelves and teach the public that there is more to coffee than that "Grande Caramel Soy Mocha with Whip and Chocolate Sauce" that they order at all of their favorite smoothie spots called Starbucks. And I am sure that is why we are all in this industry. Our goal is to teach the next door neighbor, the cafe down the street, the mail man, and anyone else who is willing to listen that coffee is an agricultural product and should be cared for and be appreciated as much as anything else they enjoy to consume.

I know for me I really enjoy to bring in Coffee's from Specialty Roasters in the area to Farmer Brothers and brew them up for the managers to try. Not to tell them how much there coffee sucks.. But to show them that there is a huge culture out there that is striving to be the best and that we are not in competition with them. I love to show them that coffee can taste good, and different from the next coffee you put in your cup. I believe they are starting to appreciate what I have been showing them and they are also branching out to purchase coffee from these places to take home and enjoy on the weekends. This is what makes me smile. Knowing that they are no longer afraid of what else is out there.. but becoming aware of what else is out there and knowing that there is a reason that the sales stats have dropped in the past 10 years. They arent dropping because the Sales Reps for Farmer Bros arent doing a good job. But there are alot of Roasters in Seattle and surrounding areas that offer Spectacular Specialty Coffee and the Public is becoming more aware of this and are not buying on price as much as they are quality these days.

Well todays venting is going to come to a close for this mid morning coffee break. But more to come as my passion becomes stronger with every cup of Specialty Coffee I drink.

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