Okay so i have been an official latte art shot pulling barista for about a month now.
I have quickly realized at times it is stressful.
You see peeps there is usually only 2 people in the morning to run the register make drinks and food.

So if we get a ton of food orders the customers at the register wait and the bar person usually gets stacked with drinks at the same time.
It does not help we offer every breakfast option known to man breakfast burritos made from scratch, Breakfast sandwich on bagels croissants and toast.
Eggs bacon sausage toast. Oatmeal to It would be hard to find a breakfast option we don't offer.

Needless to say I hate the huge food options we offer and would like them to be reduced significantly so would the other baristas.
Needless to say I feel like food slinger half the time not a barista.
Not exactly why I wanted to be in the industry.
I do realize food is a necessary evil.
I would just like less of it.

Needless to say someone walks off like almost everyday out of line cause they can't anymore or they leave without getting there food because they can not wait anymore and they usually get mad at someone meaning me.
I hate that.
But what I hate even more is we stiff the customers and they do not get the service they deserve.

Anyway there is a fair amount of stress in serving the customers when everyone is mad at you.
So when it slows down I go back and wash dishes and freaking mutter quietly about unreasonable customers who yelled at me.

I would like a poppy seed bagel please toasted with cream cheese 2 pieces of swiss cheese 2 slices of tomato cut into 4 equal pieces for here. What I kid you not I had to right it down to get it right.
I graciously filled the request told them thanks have a nice day the usual banter.
later however that customer got the dishes muttering treatment later when I was by myself in the back.
They won the prestigious worse customer of the day award of course without them knowing it.

I realize there will always be customers like this and we are there to provide the best service to them and our good customers.
However this does add to your stress level and can make what was a good day a sour one at times.
Also it can to your frustration level as well.

We have other stresses as well the drain box on the machine yup clogged today as well.
leaking everywhere.
Trying to work with and train the new girl.
Thank goodness she pretty much new what she was doing on the bar so there she stayed.
While I handled the register and the food uggggghhhhhh.
Coffee hopper was broken and cracked for like a month until we got a new one.
It litterally almost fell apart it was cracked so bad.
Got the new one in the nick of time.

You see peeps I put up with the food and the other things to work the bar and make great drinks.
All the other stuff we have to grind out to be able to do this to me is worth it.
I love making great drinks and getting compliments on the art and drink quality.
This is reason I am a barista.
Lord knows it isn't for the the pay or the tips or even the glory.

I also love other baristas they are always great and encouraging I have made some good friends.
The quiet muttering technique does seem to work some what.
Cranking the music on the way home that helps to if things did not go so well that day.

Well there is my stress management for ya peeps what about you.

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Comment by Justin Mills on March 3, 2008 at 7:49am
I would really encourage you to speak witht the shop owner about trimming the menu, and or food prep to speed service, or ask for a third body on the shift, between the added cost of new staff and streamlining the menu it's a no-brainer. stick with a few great options that take the same or less time to serve than a hot drink. We pre-make our breakfast wraps, and all they require is to be warmed for 1 minute, and they are great, i highly suggest it! Keep on keepin on though If your biggest problem is doing too much business you are doing something right!!

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