I just got back from India. What an amazing place. A family of four rides on one single motor bike with the mother side-saddle. I saw some fantastic coffee estates. And tried some great coffees. I had an Indian Civet Cat coffee and a MONKEY COFFEE! The monkeys bite the cherries off the coffee trees and unlike the Civet cats, they spit out the parchment coffee. It makes it much harder to pick up because the beans are lying around on the ground individually whereas the Civet cat coffee stays in lumps. (for obvious reasons.) Check out the photos.

My cupping results are as follows:

Traditional cupping:

Civet Cat coffee 85
Extraordinary creamy, buttery body. Very smooth but as it cooled lost a bit of complexity

Monkey Coffee 98
Smooth, sweet, complex, delicate acidity, tight structure, fruit punch plus vanilla, lots of integrity, stayed consistent whole way through.

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Comment by Dr. Joseph John on February 9, 2008 at 8:54am
Congratulations. India is an under rated source of exceptional coffee. You wil be amazed at what you find there. When you are in the Merthi Mountains, if you happen to go to one of the Balanoor group of estates, please say hello to Ashok Kuriyan for me. Let me know what you find in India.

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