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Hi Breez,
I am sorry to have no responds to you because I did not understand your words. I really did not know what it mean.

A short history of my English study: I learnt Russian in my high school, because there were no enough teachers for English at that time. In my college, I learnt to read mathematics and physics text books in English, without any experience of speaking and listening English. In Italy, I learnt to speak English for my study there, almost never have met people who have English as their mother tongue. Then, 20 years of business in China, with European companies and had a few chance to communicate with them in English.

Back to your topics.

The photo below is Mr. Charles-Marie-Gustave Le Bon (1841 - 1931), a French social psychologist around the end of 19 centuries. His famous theory is the "Law of the Mental Unity of Crowds", from the book of "The Crowds: A Study of the Popular Mind", 1895.

I like his theory for two reasons,

  1. I did have got a similar idea, not a theory, like his, independently about 20 years ago. Last year, I learnt about his book and immediately recognized that it was what I was going to say.
  2. The present situation for the world coffee industry and most coffee professionals is quite similar to the one described by Mr. Le Bon, in his famous theory. For this reason, I did say some strong words and try to wake or to knock people up, but unfortunately I lost all the times.

For Chinese people, Chinese Festival is similar to Christmas for westerners, and everybody go home to have their eve dinner and join together in their family.
Did I miss anything? If yes, let me know.

pstam: Le Bon.jpg

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