Fly from Seattle to Milwaukee. i have a lay over in Minneapolis and unfortunately not long enough to check any cafe out. Milwaukee: Alterra Coffee - Working with Scott Lucey Madison: Ancora Coffee - visiting with Ryan Baughn Not sure yet, I imagine I can hang out at my friend's cafe at EVP. I still am getting to know about EVP, my friend that I am visiting has been working with them for several years. They roast their own coffee and have some pretty nice equipment. If anything I have an opportunity to relax and check out Madison. Train from Columbus, WI to Chicago, IL Chicago: The Italian Bar - bar time with Andy Atkinson Intelligentsia - possibly a tour and cupping at the roastery with Michael Phillip Train from Chicago, IL to New York, NY Gimm!e Coffee - bar time at one of the locations with Mike? Not sure, perhaps with another rad barista Joe: the art of coffee - bar time with Jonathan or again, possibly another rad barista Everyman Espresso - visiting with Edmond and crew Fly from New York back home to Seattle. I have contacted a lot of people and am looking forward to hearing from more. Because I am taking an extra day in Chicago I am a little worried I won't have enough time in New York and might end up moving my departure up a day from Madison. I am not entirely sure yet. Originally this all started off as a trip to Madison, plain and simple, that's it. But then I thought hey, I should fly into our out of Milwaukee, I want to visit Alterra. Then I thought well hey, you know New York is so much closer to me now in Madison than way over here in Seattle, I'll just jump over to New York. Anyways I can hardly wait and can't wait to make connections with people and learn new things. I am absolutely terrified of meeting new people and essentially putting my skills to the test! But it should be fun, I have extremely high hopes. oh, and I started another blog: I'll be keeping people updated with my travels, discoveries and new connections! And on a side note, this blog is there too. I am going to start just blogging there following this blog.

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Comment by Dex on April 1, 2008 at 12:43pm
I just wanted to say it was awesome to meet ya and next time though I hope I have some time to spend with ya behind the bar thanks for the coffee and keep rocking your shots! Hope the rest of your trip was all you wanted it to be and then some. Chat with you soon
Comment by Mike White on January 27, 2008 at 4:57am
that sounds like one hell of a trip.

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