Posted by: Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

We're not gonna lie to ya, kids, it is crazy cold out there. In fact, it's colder than the glare your mother gives you when she finds out you did something dingbat dangerous when you were young but never told her about and she's missed her chance to punish you for it because you're all grown up now. Come on, you know that glare--it is cold.

This frigid weather could be a perfect excuse for us not to encourage you to step out of your warm cozy house tomorrow morning and join us at the Stone Creek Coffee Factory for our regularly scheduled cupping event, but, well, you know that ain't gonna happen. And ya know why? Because we're Wisconsinites! And what do Wisconsinites do when it's cold? We bundle up a little more, put our winter game face on and head out the door with a sense of determination known only to exist in the most stalwart of tribes. Right? Right.

Besides, we'll have the fireplace a goin' and the javacation a flowin'. In other words, it'll be divinely swell, so come on down tomorrow to the Stone Creek Coffee Factory at 422 N. 5th Street in downtown Milwaukee at 9AM sharp. It's what Wisconsinites do when it's too cold not to.

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