Posted by: Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

Those of us who have lived all or most of our lives in the land o' Wisco know that each season brings its own rewards and challenges. This winter, for instance, has thus far brought us significant amounts of snow and fair to middlin' temperatures, but this is changing even as we speak for teardrop freezing winds are set to breeze in later this week. Just par for the course, right? You got it.

Some of you in more temperate climes may be wondering how we do it--how we manage to stay so calm and even-keeled when we know arctic gales approacheth. Well, firstly, we are indoctrinated in the it's-coming-and-there's-nothing-for-it-'cause-we-can't-control-the-weather dogma from the moment we breathe in the fresh Wisconsin air, and, secondly, we have Stone Creek's Winter Blend Coffee to help us persevere through it all.

As luck would have it, we're roasting Winter Blend right now and just in time to help us and you face the incoming chill. The perfect brace against the wind and snow, our new Winter Blend coffee blankets the tongue with the warm flavors of almond and caramel and a subtly smoky finish. Sweet java, that sounds good!

Pick up your bag of Winter Blend at any one of Stone Creek's eight retail stores or buy it online. The first sip'll make ya say, "Winter, schminter--with this blend we can't lose."

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