Geez...I don't log on for a couple weeks and it seems the barista exchange world fast forwards 2 months. This whole not having a computer thing really isn't helping...


I posted a discussion about the cool experience I had with one of the local newspaper writers in the shop, but just for kicks here is the link for the story they did.

I really do love my job as barista trainer in our small shop. Speaking of which, we have 4 new hires right now and it looks like they will all be training on bar. (For us, this is a lot all at once.) This means that I will be a lil busier for awhile, but I get to talk espresso and about all the details behind making good espresso .... mmm 'spro ... and the details and art in getting the silky foam in the milk...I can't wait. :)
I think training others helps me to get past the "just another shift" blahs that I can sometimes get. I wonder if other barista's get those blahs? I may have to start a discussion on that sometime.

I'm really bummed I ended up missing the 'spro down after all. We ended us being short-staffed that weekend and I needed to be there to help hold down the fort.

Hmm...what else is going on. School, church, the shop ... I'll stop here I guess. I either need good latte or some sleep because all my mind is wanting to do is ramble. (I am trying to spare any readers of such.)


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