Lately it seems that I am enjoying being at the shop more, and it's possible that this is because I am not there as much lately. (friends, school, church, etc.)

And it looks like that might be the trend next semester as well seeing as how I finally got a grant to help with school. I'm looking forward to not taking 8-10 years to finish a 2 year it should only take around 6.
I still haven't figured how this will affect getting ready to compete. Either it will help because of not being burned out like a 50 sec dbl shot of spro, or it will result in a underdone performance compareable to a 10 sec dbl. We shall see.

Other then that not much is going on right now. Learning to do video editing and all things related as I am helping out at my very media driven church. It's really cool to finish a project and then see it up on the screen where it helps with a message or impacts a crowd.
Oh! And speaking of impacting a crowd, I think I am going to take a theater class this year. I can't wait, it's something I've always wanted to do. And who knows, as far as polishing my performing skills it may help me in the barista competitions.

Hmm...I just remembered I left a half cup of coffee on top of the espresso mechine this morning. That may have not been a good thing for the barista who took over for me... oppss.

Guess today will be an absent minded day.

Now what was I going to say?

All well.

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