I've never been much of a cup/saucer/spoon/napkin enthusiast. I have seen beautifully unique, rare demitasse and thought, "ooh, cool," but have never been moved to say anything. But tonight- tonight i saw something that changed all that. While scanning a pic of myself nervously holding my breath before my first time competing at wrbc, i noticed a shadow on my minimalist (cheap) white saucers in the corner of the frame. The light in the photo had cast an eerie yet comforting blue-green radiance on them. It matched one of the stripes in my shirt.

At that point, i became strangely driven to find a demitasse cup in that color. The search was a swift one; i found it and stopped dead, silent and captivated. I am enamored like never before. Pairing that color(!!!) with that simplistic shape is what allows it to stand so proudly quiet. Defiantly beautiful, yet nostalgic-- like a a swimming pool, a classic car, the color bathrooms should be painted:

Wow, i can't believe i'm lusting after a cup... after being such a "cup snob" snob. I've only ever seen what's on the inside. I feel like a teenage boy who just discovered girls. I just met the kind of cup that could make whatever it contains sing. Come on, you see it, too- i know you do. Every time you peek into virgin white vessel, you're fantasizing about sliding your big fat crema into it all morning long; making all your customers smile and dance out of your cafe, lovestruck and happy.
...Wow. That color really did something to me.

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Comment by The Barista Formerly Known As JavaJ on July 28, 2008 at 3:42pm
Did you not use tulips Ben?
Comment by Wilson Hines on July 28, 2008 at 8:21am
Very nice cups, indeed. I think I would easily become a "cup snob" of sorts, if I could only afford it. I would rather spend the money on the espresso beans. I love Illy's stuff and I think a lot of the stuff on espresso parts is just fantastic, after all that is what I use. But, they are just the standard brown espresso cups. I found the best cups/saucers for an 8 oz capp to be a set I bought years before I was into coffee that came with some dishes - they just work great. But, I think the best cups I have seen, without the art work as with Illy, would have to be Terrakeramik.com They are so simple, yet so elegant. But, I probably would never pay that much for one cup. Not me...I don't think.
Comment by Benza Lance on July 27, 2008 at 11:23am
you rockin tulips next year?
cuz I am. Those suckers are sweeeeeet.

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