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Coffee that will shift Paradigms

I wrote about over a year ago and I still make references to it on this blog from time to time. Almost every single day somebody will say or write something that makes me think of it. It is currently the most searched words on my blog and the most overall viewed post in the year and a half history of this blog.

What am I talking about? Ethiopia…


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Finally something worth writing about...Roasters Club!

Well ladies and gents, there is something I have had a cooking a couple of weeks and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Please read the Roasters Club October Offering Review… Continue

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Third Wave Coffee, a Conversion :: Part 1

I just posted to my WordPress Blog an article entitled "Third Wave Coffee, a Conversion :: Part 1"
It will have two parts. Please visit and please comment, good or bad. On crack or off! LOL

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Barista Exchange now Famous!

Congrats, Matt!

Via Geof Corey's blog, I went to the Marketing Pilgrim site to see an article about Adobe Flash and Google indexing. All of a sudden I see this article entitled "Baristas Unite! Social Networking At Street Level"

Matt, you have made us… Continue

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Changing Espresso Technique

I have posted a semi-detailed blog post on my wordpress site in regards to "Changing Espresso Technique." Be sure and check it out and please give me some input, that is why I put it up there.
Thanks and have a good espresso!

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Bodum Santos Electric for the 4th

We purchased the Bodum Santos Electric from my friend Shannon at Coffee and Crema of… Continue

Added by Wilson Hines on July 6, 2008 at 8:00am — 4 Comments

It's good to have friends, but better to have friends who enjoy quality coffee

Today, we sat around enjoying Espresso LaForza from Counter Culture Coffee. My wife and I were joined by a family and church friend. Her two boys and my two girls enjoyed cappuccinos from the Faema S87 two group and as I prepared for my weekly journey to the North East U.S we pressed some… Continue

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Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. full review

I would hope everybody would enjoy my full review of John Hornall's Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. It is on my blog on a dedicated page - please enjoy! http://wilsonhines.wordpress.com/chestnut-hill-coffee-company-review/

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Panther City Coffee, FTW, TX

Here I sit at Panther City Coffee and I am experiencing a real good time and really good coffee.

With their LaMarzocco Linea, LM Swift (of which I am skeptical), 5 kilo roaster and tons of coffee loving geeks!

Claude and Zachary are now good friends and we are surrounded by good coffee. Claude has actually enjoyed some D. Shomer coffee in Seattle, having the master personally pulling…


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Grateful for the opportunity

I would like to thank Matt and the folks at the ABC School for starting the Barista Exchange networking site, but more importantly I would like to thank Matt for allowing "Enthusiast" such as myself to participate in a real and meaningful way.

I know some of the professionals out there probably think that the site potentially could be "hijacked," for a lack of better words, by the enthusiast. With sites like the Barista Guild or… Continue

Added by Wilson Hines on December 29, 2007 at 9:04pm — 3 Comments

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