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Cash Drawer Accountability

I thought I'd re-post a portion of my blog / facebook notes on cash drawer accountability here.

Every day here at SelbySoft, we receive calls asking about shortages in the cash drawer. While a number of these are simple mistakes by the crew, theft is an issue as well. If we can make our cash handling employees accountable for the mistakes and shortages, then we are on…

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Coffee Fest Seattle 2009

I'm home from the second day of coffee fest (with a sinus infection of all things). Thursday was a meet and greet with the guys from Caffe D'arte - Always fun.

Yesterday was the first day we showed our new trade show booth and our new splickit interface. Both were really well received!

I think the show today and yesterday is better than last year. We are seeing more positive people and exhibitors!

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Coffee Fest Seattle

It's been a while since I updated the blog here! Yikes!

We are getting ready for Coffee Seattle and looking forward to showing off some new stuff.

New booth - Hartman exhibits has created a brand new look for our trade show booth. First new booth in about 10 -12 years (wow!).

New interface - We will be demoing a new interface with Slickit at the show. Stop by and see how this works!

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Coffee Fest Update

Second day of Coffee Fest in the bag! Last night was dinner with Greg, Jan and Chris from Fresh Cup - Manish from Maya tea was along as well.

Today was an interesting day - slightly slower but some good people came by! I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the "tracking sales with technology" seminar I'm doing.

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Coffee Fest Vegas Update

We arrived this morning and finished setting up for Coffee Fest.

I'm excited about this show! We have some cool things to show off and are looking forward to seeing a bunch of customers, prospects and hopefully bx friends!

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World Tea Expo

I'm at the World Tea Expo this weekend. So far the new business boot camp seems to be a very valuable resource for everyone that is signed up.

As a speaker I'm lucky that I get to attend some of the sessions! The Tea 101 class was outstanding and really made me realize how much more I have to learn about tea. Jane Pettigrew explained the differences, in detail, in the manufacturing process of white, black, green and oolong teas.

I'm going to start getting prepared for my… Continue

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SCAA - First Day Down

The first day of the SCAA is over and done with. We had some great conversations and it appeared that the show was pretty busy! I saw a couple of bX'ers out here!

Tomorrow I'll be giving a gift card presentation on the show floor. Hopefully people are paying attention :).

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Looking forward to SCAA

Well, it's less than a week before the SCAA in Atlanta. The last time this show was in Atlanta it was one of the best coffee shows we have done. We are always excited to attend these shows as we get to see existing and new clients.

The SCAA will be a good show as it is the fourth one we have done this year. So far the attendance has been pretty good at the shows.

This time, I'll be presenting a 20 minute session on gift cards during the Tricks of the Trade in the middle of… Continue

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Northwest Foodservice Show

I spent some time down in Portland at the NWFS this weekend. Kind of a slow show but it did have some high points. On the way down Saturday, we stopped by a customer of ours - Siena Wine Bistro & Coffee House. They are a very cool coffee and wine bar that just opened in Lacey on 6th Ave.

Schuyler (the owner) has a Clover machine in there and serves Batdorf & Bronson. Great cup and really friendly staff!

Then while at the show, we were lucky to be right next to Greg… Continue

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Coffee Fest Upda

The first day of Coffee Fest is done and in the bag! The show was great - busy virtually every minute in the booth. I'm always excited about the show season beginning because we get a chance to meet up with current customers and to see fellow exhibitors as well!

The demand in our booth is actually up from last year so I'm going to continue my theme of telling people to ignore the stock market, turn off the tv and close the newspaper!

I've still got some free passes… Continue

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Thanks to Caffe D'arte

I had a pleasant surprise this weekend regarding Caffe D'arte. My children attend a non-profit co-op preschool where the parents are required to help put in time and effort. For the last two years my wife took the position of executive fund raiser. Basically they have five or six people that call and send letters requesting donations for the annual auction that accounts for a HUGE chuck of their operating capital.

Personally I hate being a mooch, so I stay out of that end of things… Continue

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Coffee Fest Follow Up

Just want to say thanks to everyone that stopped by at Coffee Fest this weekend. It was great to see some new people and put faces to names with some existing ones!

Our online ordering seemed to go over well and we got a lot of feedback from attendees! I wound up running the Ipod battery down each day of the show by doing online ordering through it!

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New Online Ordering to be shown at Coffee Fest Seattle

If you have a chance to come to Coffee Fest Seattle, be sure to stop by our Booth (1105, 1107). We will be showing off the first look at our new Online Ordering system. Coffee Fest Seattle is November 12th, 13th and 14th.

I know you may be thinking that ordering online is only for restaurants, but there are great applications for coffee shops and cafes. With new feature however, you will be able to place an order through any compatible web enabled WiFi device! This means that your… Continue

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SP-1 For Coffee & Webbeams Integration

SelbySoft has added Webbeams integration to the SP-1 for Coffee & Tea POS system. This has been something we have been wanting to do for quite a while now!

This addition to SP-1 allows stores to better manage their wifi connections and hotspots. Webbeams integration will give your store a more professional and secure method of maintaining wireless access.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

SelbySoft,… Continue

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New Gift Card Method in SP-1 For Coffee

Now that our 7.50 version is being released, we have finalized some re-vamping of the gift card system as well. Those of you who have looked at POS systems before probably realize that most gift card systems only allow you to take one card at a time or load one card at a time. In the real world, it's common to have a customer want to use three $.50 gift cards and cash to pay for a $3.50 drink.

We have taken some serious time and re-vamped the system to make it work as smoothly as… Continue

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New Web Site For SP-1 For Coffee

Well, we finally got upout of our chairs here at SelbySoft and replaced our outdated website with a new one!

Content is being added daily.

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Version 7.50 of SP-1 For Coffee

As existing customres of SP-1 For Coffee by SelbySoft know, we have been spending some serious time upgrading the look and feel of our POS software. While we realize that this is nowhere near as exciting as one of the latte art competitions, WE still get jazzed about showing it off.

Version 7.50 represents a significant re-skinning of our software. Over the last 15 years we have added hundreds of features and listened to our customers by… Continue

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SP-1 For Coffee by SelbySoft - New Version 7.10 Just Released!!!

There are some exciting things happening over here at SelbySoft with our SP-1 For Coffee Point of Sale System!

We just released Version 7.10 of our software. Version 7.10 incorporates two exciting new features.

Our latest F.A.S.T. order system has been implemented and is released in version 7.10. Fast Access Screen Technology is the latest innovation to make your life easier when using the SP-1 For Coffee POS System.

Basically, we know that… Continue

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