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  • Metal Head Barista's

    9 members Latest Activity: Sep 3, 2012 Rock 'n Roll coffee. Metal is so important in so many different ways to a Barista, but some Barista's don't just like the metal that MAKES their…

  • Utah Baristas United

    17 members Latest Activity: Nov 3, 2012 A group of brave men and women, thriving in a coffee-less desert, bringing hope to masses. Perhaps someday we can start barista competitions and…

  • Drive Thru's

    7 members Latest Activity: Aug 31, 2012 Owners of and baristas for DRIVE THRU specialty coffee shops unite!

  • Baristas for Bluegrass

    3 members Latest Activity: Apr 9, 2011 Coffee geeks with shaky hands sure can pick that mandolin fast. this group is for the bluegrass pickers and hoedowners . so yee haw lets pick all…

  • Coffeeboy

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2009 Where we are awesome and we know it.


    14 members Latest Activity: Feb 13, 2012 Group promoting the "WWOOF-ING" concept for the barista crowd. Basically, those interested in traveling, working for experience, knowledge, tips,…

  • Baristas of Ventura

    4 members Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2010 This is Simon from Coffeeboy. Please join me in the struggle to enlighten the unaware of what good coffee really is in an inviting environment.

  • Aussie Coffee Group

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 26, 2010 A group for all the Aussies in Australia and abroad to share information and hopefully to learn from each other.

  • Atlanta Barista Network

    12 members Latest Activity: Jan 26, 2016 A group designed for baristas in Atlanta to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. Also availabilities and opportunities for baristas…

  • Coffee Tasting

    2 members Latest Activity: Sep 9, 2009 Doing, Discussing, and Commenting on Coffee Tastings.

  • Brewheads Squared

    67 members Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2014 For everyone and anyone who digs a fantastic brew from a keg just as much as one from a Clover.


    219 members Latest Activity: Nov 7, 2014 The United States Barista Championship (USBC) is an event designed to encourage and recognize professional achievement in the art of espresso…

  • Michigan Coffee Connection

    39 members Latest Activity: Aug 5, 2016 A spot to say "hello" and reminisce about snow, lakes and rivers, roadkill, The Motor-City, the UP, Trolls, Fudgies, beaches, canoe trips, corn…

  • Great Lakes Baristas!

    48 members Latest Activity: Mar 11, 2010 Where Baristas and Roasters from the Great Lakes can share info on upcoming events, jams, talk coffee, discuss competitions, share photos, and show…

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