Hmmm, I guess if you see a need that hasn't been met, roll your sleeves up and do it. Easier said than done though, learn as much as you can and share what you have learned, and by the way, I believe you can't know enough about what makes good coffee from green to brown to in the cup, as well as keeping a count of your beans.... When I was in Seattle back in November for CoffeeFest the local buzz was that the Seattle SuperSonics were going to move to Oklahoma, if that's the case, there really will be an additional need for good coffee. In the meantime if I come up with some vision, with the help of "good coffee", I'll let you know, after all, we are neighbors so to speak,

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Are you a roaster? You half to start with the beans. You will half to pay more for the beans, but it will be worth the price. You may want to come up with your own signature blend, something of a bold flavor with out going over exposing the acidity.Try blending 25% Sumatra,(dark)50% Guatemala,(very dark)with 25% Colombian,(medium) then pack it in a coffee bag with a One Way De-Gassing Valve, to let out any gases that will occur from roasting. It will be ready to enjoy the next day./Bryan
This is mostly a rhetorical question, actually....spurred on by reading what everyone is currently drinking. Not many places around here to even get to sample most of what I was reading about. I'm working towards starting up a coffee shop here in downtown OKC, but as I'm sure you all know that takes loads of time and preparation. I thought this group would be a good gathering point for people in this area so we could share thoughts/ideas/suggestions/warnings with each other and improve coffee in this region...and maybe let others know that the desire for good coffee exists here. Thoughts?
You know, I was actually inspired to go into coffee while in Oklahoma. I was traveling around and spent two weeks doing nothing but sipping tea and reading in a coffee shop called Third Place in Stillwater. I watched the baristas the whole time and soon decided that I wanted to learn what it was all about. If only I knew what I was getting myself into!

The funny things is that I never once drank the coffee there. And I've heard they've gone downhill, too, since they went Fair Trade. Too bad.
I know some great folks that used to work in the Third Place! Small world, huh? Looks like you're a long way from Stillwater, Ok now, though.
There's a shop in Durant, OK doing a good job.
Main Street Coffee Bar
42 West Main
Durant, OK
Main Street Coffee Bar Myspace

There's a shop opening soon using some great coffee, a Synesso, etc..
I'm not sure if they've opened yet, but they're in OKC.
Coffee Slingers
Coffee Slingers Myspace

And let's not forget Double Shot Coffee Company in Tulsa, OK.
DoubleShot Coffee Company

Oh man, I almost forgot Evoke!
Well, I didn't so much forget, as much as I didn't realize that they'd moved to OKC.
Cafe Evoke Catering
Cafe Evoke Myspace
Cafe Evoke Blog (blog has been around for longer than the company)

Oklahoma may be late to the party, but it's not in the dark ages.
(late response to an old thread, I know.)


Durant? Really? How incredibly bizarre.
What are your thoughts on Charlie Bean, located in our dear sweet hometown of Mustang?
Well.. I'm not sure.

Where is Mustang? It's not my hometown.
I realized after I posted my response that you might not have been who I thought you were. Hence the profile comment. My apologies.
No big deal.

Incidentally, I've learned that if I google my name, I get 10 pages of valid links. Now that's scary.


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