This event is going to be awesome, and is the perfect chance to have a great weekend in Portland with fellow coffee fanatics!

Who's coming?

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The entire Espressoparts crew will be on hand........

Michael Elvin just might even compete again......... Maybe.
The great folks of espresso meet the great espresso folks of Portland? Gotta be there.

Elvin! Come on man!!!!
I'll be there! In fact, I'm hoping to judge again! Either way, I'll make it down though...wouldn't miss it!
When is it?
Where can I get more info?
March 4th - March 8th in Portland Oregon.

Here is a link to the page on the SCAA website
Me and my lovely wife will be thier.
I will be there, anybody need help?
I've been looking for an excuse to get out to Portland for ever! This may be my ticket...
Matt: I would love to be there...but I can't :-(...

I'll be there, and it's my first event. I'm a consumer / enthusiast (a pro someday?) and was wondering: How do I make the most of my visit?
What is the date of this competition? You mention it but do not include any information. I google USBC and get United States Bowling Congress. This is an irritation, not knowing.


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