Why hello there!

My dearest sister and I are really really really really.... broke.

HOWEVER! For the sake of good coffee, we are scrapping up every penny, every dime (but no nickles) just to make it out to USBC all the way from San Jose, CA.

We are looking to see if anyone is interested in housing our bum asses for Friday and Saturday night. We really don't smell that bad, and we're NOT going to kill you! In fact, we're adorable. Like bunnies.

So c'mon! Lend our coffee loving souls a hand and at least give us a shower to use!

One of us can cook by the way! The other one can sit there and look pretty!

Hit me up on this post or send a message my way.
Please please please pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee, give us fellow baristas a hand... foot... towel!!!!

-Carla and Leslie! <3

Floors and couches are cool too.

We have these cool things called sleeping bags, very handy!

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All i have are two non comfy couches and a big living room floor, but i live real close to the convention center, and would be more than happy to help out. worse comes to worse, let me know.


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