What do you all think about. asking If a Shop could train you as a Substitute Barista. So you can get in the door. just in case that the Shop needs you in the future. if you like this idea. Let me know how you would go about it.

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I suppose that this could make sense in some instances depending on the commitment and availability of the trainee and the scheduling needs of the store but I am generally against this idea.

As a trainer, you're passing along skills and knowledge that has your name attached to the trainee wherever they go. So you can't half-train a barista. I want a commitment from them that while they're with me, "barista" is their profession. They're not grad students working in a coffee house to pay some bills. They may be a barista who is in a band, but they're not a musician, slinging shots when not on the road.

"Half in" baristas lead to scheduling nightmares, a lack of commitment to continuing education, and I don't think that it's possible to stay sharp unless you're on a machine at least a couple times a week. I won't train someone unless I'm pretty confident that at a minimum they'll be full time for six months or part time for a year.
I really see what you are getting at. From my personal stand point. I'm working on contacting the local Roaster in Taos, NM so that I can start cupping coffees, and learning to Roast. I'm going to be in the coffee business for the rest of my life. It comes down to getting into a job before the Tourists start arriving this spring. I'm looking to get into a position where I can pass on and perfect what I have learned. After not being able to pull shots for four months now, I would be willing to make coffee for free. Just trying to figure out my angle.


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