Very curious to learn about your current favorite doughnut ? Who's making these elusive and heavenly morsels ? Who's got the " goods " ?
Any insights offered will be gratefully appreciated !
Feel safe in showing the love.

Mostly maligned doughnut - the whipping boy of the culinary world .

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honey dip!!!!! honey dip!!!!!

i feel love, love of doughnut!!!!

seriously that doughnut liz and i had on that island in another country was sublime. i could eat it over and over again......doughnut....honey....dip.....yummmmmm
Dan !

Thanks for sharing . This demands further investigation on an empty stomach . Care to expound on the honey dip factor ?
the doughnut had a very sweet and crisp taste to it. well the glaze was crisp and the dough was melt in your mouth soft.

the glaze had a very sweet but dry taste to it. this was good. crumbling honey sweet glaze falling in your mouth while finishing the bite through delicious dough is awesomeness.

im going to do some research on this honey dip factor and see what i can come up with.
I have always enjoyed a good honey dip; the one we ate at Lee's was very important. Crucial to glazed and raised success, I might add.

BTW did anyone ever see my pilgrimage to the first Krispy Kreme in Kanada? I believe it is now long since out of business.

But yes, someone should definitely fly us back to YVR for further donut research.
I've been annoying my local customers for a while, trying to convince someone to do/find amazing donuts!!! Donuts and coffee, donuts and coffee, donuts and it really that complicated?

Anyhow, on a journey to visit a very remote yet very very good customer in Huntsville, AL, I was in danger of falling asleep at the wheel and pulled off the freeway to grab anything edible to occupy my time and keep me awake. First familiar sign in podunksburg...Starbucks. Sure, why not.

I left with a cup of Sidamo (ehhhh...) and a TOP POT DONUT.

Maybe now I can beg/bribe Octane into striking a deal with the Donut Plant to import some fried goodness to the pseudo-deep south.
tell octane to make their own donuts!! seriously, a hot freshly fried donut?!?!?!?!?! they gots a kitchen! just get em so dough
Believe me, I've been dropping donut-centric hints at Octane for some time.

Come on, coffee people...its time to make the friggin' donuts.
Andrew, here's another reason to plan your next NYC visit:
quotes from previously posted article that may tempt all of you!!!!!!....

"I intend to prove that not all donuts are created equal, to be a local favorite. Most importantly, my donuts will be scratch-made by cute girls imported from Bavaria.

"Scouting for space now · Open to partnerships of any kind."


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