Welcome to the Lighter Side of Coffee group. We would love to hear your most embarrassing coffee moment.

Here's mine so far...

We used to have a couple that would come in almost daily. They were about mid-thirties, claimed to be just friends, but somehow, mysteriously, they would always end up making out tough with no regard for who was around. They would order a 24oz drip and refill it 3-4 times a visit. They had this corner of the shop that they would always sit in. We ended up nicknaming it "The Hot Corner". One day, they came in and were doing their normal routine, but had decided to buy a sandwich that day. As I was heating it up, I began to tell our newest staff member about this couple. I went on to tell him how they always come in and get a 24oz drip coffee, that they sit and make out off and on and that we had nicknamed the corner they sit in "The Hot Corner". To my horror, I turned around and saw the lady standing there right behind me, waiting for her sandwich. I had thought she went to sit down. She said seriously, "Were you talking about me?" I turned completely red faced and replied, "Yeah, no, yeah...I was just telling our newest recruit about you guys...and how great it is having you here...You guys are cool." To which she replied, "And how we make out?"

Moral of the story: Don't talk about people when they're behind your back.

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That is a pretty terrible moment! wow! I had a pretty decent one myself though.

I was on bar about to finnish a guy's mocha and was at the point where i normally ask if he would care for whipped cream. As baristas often tend to do, I shortened the name to just whip, and said; "would you care for whip?" to my utter surprise and horror, he (a forties something man) replied to my face; "no, but I'll take a spanking!". The words hung in the air for a moment as I tried to understand what had just happened and awkwardly looked back down at the drink and replied; "no thanks"! To this day I and the other baristas on shift with me cannot believe the fluidity and complete awkwardness of the situation. Wow I still chuckle every time I remember it.

Moral of the story: Be careful when and how you abbreviate words so as not to accidentally flirt with older people of the same gender!
Two related stories with a common moral....

1) A lady came in to our store and ordered a cappuccino. I finished and proudly presented her with what was an awesome cappuccino....considering we had been having a terrible time with our boiler and despensing pressure that day. A few moments later the lady approached me at the counter and I asked if I could get her anything else, to my horror she slammed the cup down and demanded her money back. "This cappuccino is not sweet!" was her reasoning. I explained to her that a cappuccino is not supposed to be sweet and offered to add sweetneer or a sweetened flavor to her drink and she again said "No, I want my money back this cappuccino isn't sweet". Astounded and floored I refunded her money.

2) One of the girls working under me had made a cappucinno and after my approval she presented it to a first time customer. A moment later he approached me and stuck his cup up to my face.... "Yes sir?" I asked and his response was sticking the cup closer to my face. "Is there something wrong sir?" I asked. "I ordered a cappuccino." He stated. I looked at the cup, looked at him, and explained what a cappuccino was and assured him that was how his drink was prepared. He then said "Well I'm used to Starbucks where I get all milk and no foam."

Moral of the stories: Don't assume that everyone who walks in the cafe knows about coffee and espresso drinks....Starbucks and gas stations have corrupted world.


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