Boys and girls, do you feel that you may have been to soup night? If so, please ask yourself the following questions:

1) Have you ever found yourself eating soup out of a mug?
2) Were you eating that soup with a measuring cup?
3) Have you ever walked into a room full of relative strangers and heard the entire room erupt in cries of "Soup!!!!!"?
4) Have you ever had so much fun eating soup that the next day your friends asked if you were "okay" after last night?
5) Have you ever cooked soup for 4-30 people with a limited ability to grind and dispense the necessary spices, all while drunk people began to mill about, asking where the soup was in-between their courtship rituals?
6) Have you ever witnessed a soup night miracle?
7) Do you like hauling your bicycle up 4 flights of stairs?
8) Have you ever panicked at 5:45 pm wondering where the soup is, how it is going to get to south Williamsburg, and how you will get into Dan's apartment without anybody home?

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" to any of these may be afflicted with soup night! Seek soup now!

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oh lord...i feel like i may have been to soup night. i don't even know how it all got started. one day i was just a fan of soup, and the next thing you know, i'm making sixteen quarts of french onion soup. now i can't even go a week without soup!



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