ive been eating soup 3 times a day everyday for 28 years. how much you eatin?

does anyone have any ideas for soup night revival? as soon as i don't have to work everyday for 15 hrs a day we're taking soup to the TOP! we need a plan of epic proportions, we need a cure, we need to show the world what soup night is all about.


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LOVE soup. Wife not so much. In a past life, probably mid-18th century, I believe I was garde manger for some 2nd rate French courtesan. LOVE working with leftovers - it's the most creative part of the job. Last week I puilled together a vegetarian chili utilizing leftovers of three other soups - butternut squash & garlic, lentil & pumpkin and black bean. Added some TPV, epazote, chili powder, veg broth, a bottle of stout and a fistful of toasted cumin... voila! I AM THAT GOOD, DAMMIT.

Really, soup rocks and if I lived closer to y'all I'd be over every Sunday. With a loaf of good French bread.

I know our beloved Frank Battista (Belle's hubby) would offer up 'stone soup' as the communal cureall for a soup night revival. Personally, I've always feared the wannabe Bourdain who shows up with raw tripe... but that's just me.

And it's even better when you're trying to pair coffees to it... what would you pair with with a cream of asparagus with Smithfield ham?


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