For right now i'm going to use this as a notice board for any wayward surfers, We meet @ D's Coffee it's on the corner of Barrone & Perdido on Thursday at 7. It's a great multi-use space that affords us a lot of interesting possibilities. This week Were gonna mmeet for the last time of the year. have some drinks do a little practicing. for the competition that will be happening next week.

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are these meeting open to all s.n.o.b. group members?
these are open to anyone. of course, first timers are subject to a super secret initiation. i shouldnt even be talking about it.
This was posted a while ago, are you guys still meeting here? I am about to relocate to New Orleans and want to dive into the coffee culture as soon as possible upon arrival so I don't go through withdrawals.
do these meetings even happen at all anymore? I'd really be down

Hey Y'all, i just wanted to touch base with you guys. We've had a couple a meeting already this year and we're planning on having some stuff in the next few weeks. I invite you to check us out on Facebook (Bx isn't the easiest page to navigate). I know we've lost some momentum in the past years, and I hope to be able to build it up with input from y'all. SNOB started as a pet project of mine to help build a community of local baristas who were enthusiastic about coffee. when i started the group in 2009 the New Orleans area had a dearth of what i would call passionate baristas, most baristas were just people who had a job at a coffee shop (BINO- Baristas In Name Only). Now that the coffee climate has started to change, I think there is a real chance at things starting to improve. For SNOB to be successful it will take input from everyone. So I invite y'all to check us out on facebook and follow us on twitter @nobaristas or email me at We are hoping to have the BGA come down and offer Level 1 Certifaction in the next month or so. So keep up the faith......


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