My first visit to Seattle was in July of last year. Spent a week there and a week in the Cascades, and returned to Seattle in November for CoffeeFest, and once again. Visited as many independent coffee houses as I could. Met some great people the second go around, perhaps because I felt more at home. Even though I am not from Seattle I am hopeful to visit there as much as I can.

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Thomas, glad you enjoyed the coffee! Next time you're in the city, you should stop by Stickman Coffee. We just opened up two days after Thanksgiving down in the Fremont neighborhood. We'd love to pull you some shots.
Hey that would be sweet! I haven't been to the Freemont neighorhood yet, mostly from upper Queen Anne to Pioneer Square and everything in between...really. The only way to get to know a place is to get lost then find your way out, and around. Met some good baristias, and of coarse good coffee...I also enjoy photography, and we have black and white pics of the places I have visited in Seattle all through out our coffee haus. Interesting that some of our customers are familiar with them. Does Stickman Coffee have a web site......I am still trying to find my way around barista exchange...
I am headed to Seattle in Sept. I was wondering what all coffee shops you went to and which had the best shots and the nicest baristas... thanks for your help!


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