Alright now that we have or own little scene going on in Olympia. What should we do? Jam? Crawl? Anything pressing that needs to be discussed? Hey, where are my co workers anyway? FYI I got a postcard for a free 8oz coffee from Vita. Cool huh, and I know that I still owe Olympia Coffee Roasters for an espresso I got a couple weeks ago, didn't have any cash at the time, sorry guys.

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I'd say Jam... There has been lots of talk about another NW jam but no one has stepped up quite yet. Olympia is a nice central locale.

I know the Bellingham kid's are thinking about a Barista Jam again but not very hard yet.
A crawl would be fun too I have to say.
Lets have a jam crawl! I like jam
Raspberry or Blackberry please.
i am feeling the need to crawl, i have yet to try all of the espresso olympia has to offer. anyone else down for an oly crawl?
OK,, something simple to do is get beers at Fishbowl or Drinks at Cicada or wherever and talk about an easy Oly crawl eh? Then maybe a Seattle or Portland crawl.

Brian (Mudbay Brian) and I were gonna meet up at Cicada here soon right Brian?
Cool I would love to hang out hang drinks and talk about the Oly coffee revolution.
As soon as I finish my part of the revolution... EP's catalog... I am so down!
Well heck lets do something soon. I'm starting to feel like we really do have a scene, if ya know what I mean.
coworker here! maybe a little late, but i have yet to hear about a jam or crawl of any sort. anyone still interested while the weather's tolerable?
OLY crawl sounds nice the NW crawl sounds good to.


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